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About Us

Excellence and Quality in Every Facet of Our Company

We are a one-stop jewelry company that provides insight-driven, high-quality end-to-end manufacturing services that are closer and more supportive to the needs of eCommerce and Retailer brands based on strong ethics and sustainability – resulting in an easier, faster, more cost-effective and streamlined service.

The Fai Po difference

Flexible, High-quality Jewelry


From sourcing to selling, we present a full-range of jewelry production solutions by investing in mines and operating our own factories – exhibiting excellence throughout the production line. We go beyond jewelry production and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit through brand strategy and business support.

About end to end

Ease Of Service

As a fully-integrated jewelry manufacturing company, we offer a streamlined service to quote, design, sample, and produce more effectively.

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Quality and Excellence

We meet each stage of our process with technical precision. Our production techniques, master craftsmen, and state-of-the-art equipment provide high-quality gems and create world-class pieces.

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We predict design trends, consumer preferences, and market intelligence ahead of the curve through trend analysis and in-depth research. Our market data is informed from hundreds of eCommerce clients and the most up-to-date research tools, giving a comprehensive view of the industry.

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Closer and More Supportive Relationships

Our goal is to build the best relationships with our clients, establishing long-term friendships and treating everyone equally. By controlling ever every step of the jewelry production process, we offer more flexible and personal services. We take a hands-on approach in the majority of our services, relying on craftsmen over automated machinery and offering personalized business, brand, and marketing support through close relationships.

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Ethics and Sustainability

We have a heart for the environment and people, ensuring our factories meet international standards for sustainable and ethical production, aligning our vision with verified global authorities for the respect and care of planet and people.

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Like the gemstones and jewelry we work with, our story is one of transformation under pressure, perseverance over time, and endless refinement for the most brilliant results.

Our Founder


Mr. Jacky Chan

Founder & CEO of Fai Po Gem & Jewellery Ltd.

Mr. Jacky Chan has been the soul of the company since its conception in 1986. From humble beginnings to the gem giant it is now, Chan has had a hand in every expansion of Fai Po Gem & Jewellery Ltd. For his service to the company and local communities, Mr. Chan has been commended and honored with titles and positions of repute.

In the Hong Kong jewelry scene, Mr. Chan has been a member of several associations since 1998 and the Honorary President at many others, including the Hong Kong Gemstone Manufacturers’ Association since 2005, the Hong Kong Gold & Silver Ornament Workers & Merchants General Union in 2008, the Hong Kong Pearl Association in 2016 and the Guangdong Provincial Association of Gold Silver Jewelry & Jade Manufacturers.

He has been an active member of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference of Lufeng since 2006 and the Standing Committee of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference of Shanwei since 2008, the latter to which he was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Shan Wei in 2003. For his business investment in the region, Mr. Chan was awarded by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province.

Mr. Chan holds an EMBA in Business Administration from the Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China.


Best Service Award

Best of Show Award of Open Group

Platinum AA High-Quality Customer

榮譽証 汕尾市清潔生產企業

Honorary Chairman Unit

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