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Be Your Own Boss

Just as the entrepreneurial spirit built our business, so we support the same spirit in others with the Be Your Own Boss Initiative. With decades in the gemstone and jewelry business, we have accumulated the knowledge, skill, and expertise to educate and train others to do the same. Through our affiliate program, anyone can enter the jewelry industry with access to information, educational content, sales methodology, and more.

Four methods to being your own boss with Fai Po:

Make sales

Fai Po provides you with products. Purchase Fai Po jewelry at a set price, then find customers, use your sales skills, and make a sale at your prices.

Recommend customers

Fai Po values you as a networker. When you introduce new customers to Fai Po, you receive a commission on every sale from the first order.

Earn commission

Fai Po equips you with the tools. Using the “Be Your Own Boss” website, you can set prices, makes sales and pay directly to Fai Po for a commission once the order is complete – the higher the price, the higher the commission.

Be a retailer

Fai Po empowers you to build your business. We personally engage and deliver to your customer base with Fai Po as your sample and product supplier.

Business trends

Trends & Insights

With over 40 years in the gemstone and jewelry industry, we recognize that jewelry’s future is being shaped by the decisions and choices made today. Therefore, we identify the design, customer preference, and industry and market patterns that inform future developments and their effects. The conclusions and perceptions we glean give afford us a deep understanding of the market and inform decision making.

Business strategy

Strategic Consultation

We believe that if you can find a solution, there is no problem, and there is always a solution. Our experience in the industry gives us a bank of knowledge to advise and equip jewelry businesses, both new entrants and established corporations, for market success and growth. Assessing your business, we identify areas of weakness, directions for growth and plan accordingly; then we equip you with modules for activation.

Business ecommerce


We support businesses with technology and digital support, providing website development to sell your products at a professional and efficient level. The eCommerce websites we provide are supported by product photography and backend support, creating digital touchpoints that will increase your brand’s online presence.

Business design


We apply our technical skills to realize design plans, but we also have the creativity and style to design jewelry pieces that perfectly balance contemporary and timeless trends. Through our close relationships, we know our clients well and design with individual brand and business strategies in mind.

Marketing Support

Marketing Support

We strategically activate your brand and business with marketing support to increase sales, acquire customers, and bring awareness to your enterprise. From research to collaterals, our marketing experts amplify and reinforce your brand through brand identity development, corporate stationery, leaflets and brochures, infographics, social media, advertisement design, and more.

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