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Ethics and Sustainability

Designing an Ethos of Respect for Source and People

We believe that gemstones and jewelry represent the heart, and our heart is to provide the best services and most brilliant products without taking advantage of the planet or people.

Our Commitment

The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong Member

We are proud members of The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (CMA), promoting the well-being of Hong Kong, its trade and industry. As a member of the CMA, Fai Po actively participates in the guiding philosophy of "Giving Back to the Community" through community and charity support.

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Eco-conscious Production

Through government and third-party organizations, we certify that our value chain is as environmentally responsible as possible. We take special care to ensure that our production process is compliant to global standards such as eliminating pollution production, providinge environmentally protected plating, using eco-friendly packaging materials and more.

Carbon Offsetting

We try to minimize our carbon footprint through carbon offsetting projects and cooperating with carbon emission reduction transportation companies. With our carbon offsetting partners, we are helping the environment, fighting climate changes and making the transition to a clean energy future possible.

Environmental Education

Our hopes for action against climate change are with the next generation, so we work with a charity that empowers local youth to be leaders of sustainable development in the future. Our support provides materials for students, leadership workshops for university students and an incubation fund for ambassador initiatives.


Employee Welfare

We make every effort to ensure the safety, health and security of our employees, taking every measure to give our people the support and recognition they deserve. Our staff dormitories provide a dining hall, basketball courts, football fields and kindergarten for our employee’s children.

Diversity Inclusion

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, so we create a work environment where differences are valued and diverse voices and ideas are cultivated. We pride ourselves on our inclusive value chain, working with miners in Africa and Brazil, suppliers in India, craftsmen in Russia and clients around the world.

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Conflict and Exploitation-free Guarantee

As much as we want our jewels to be crystal clear, we want our stance on employee welfare to be even clearer. We take methodical and careful steps to ensure that our business does not contribute to the mistreatment of people, child labor, the exploitation of conflict zones, or the perpetuation of other violations.

Community Engagement

We offer a helping hand to the communities we operate in and care about, giving back in areas of need and building stronger relationships.

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Awards, Honors and Achievements

Our efforts to care for and protect the environment and people have resulted in several commendations, including certificates of honor for cleaner production, educational scholarships, poverty alleviation, elderly welfare, and more.

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